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2012 09-10   Techno

(Français) Utiliser le service SIP VoIP Free avec un iPhone iOS

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2012 06-17   Techno

Using Redmine as a help desk ticketing software

During one of my mission, I wanted to improve the support which was with simple emails.
As we were using the wonderful Redmine as a bug tracker, I found convenient to be able to forward bugs tickets and stuff directly into development projects.
After some research, I found the plugin Helpdesk.

It turn Redmine into an efficient ticketing software. Like before, users send an email and for each email a new issue and a contact (if not exist yet) are created. Helpdesk can handle the back and forth communication, attachment and send notifications. A crontab is running every minute to get new emails and inject them into Redmine.
Moreover, if you have any trouble, the developer Kirill is nice and helpful!

2012 06-10   Techno

Branching management with Mercurial

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2011 12-17   Techno

A simple and Open process for web team management

Hera is an Open process under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Means you can copy, share, modify and sale this content. You just need to keep the credits.

It’s unfortunately not uncommon in new IT companies to see a huge lack of project management even though process solutions like Prince2 or Agile exist among many others. According to the The Standish Group, 65% of the IT projects are over time or budget or fail! But learning from those processes takes time as they aren’t IT specific, are abstract and don’t give a ‘ready to go’ solution. Using them for small and medium projects like website might be too much. The idea of Hera emerged from this statement as an attempt of a very simple ‘ready to go’ framework for processes.

Learn more about Hera Process.


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