2012 06-17

Using Redmine as a help desk ticketing software

During one of my mission, I wanted to improve the support which was with simple emails.
As we were using the wonderful Redmine as a bug tracker, I found convenient to be able to forward bugs tickets and stuff directly into development projects.
After some research, I found the plugin Helpdesk.

It turn Redmine into an efficient ticketing software. Like before, users send an email and for each email a new issue and a contact (if not exist yet) are created. Helpdesk can handle the back and forth communication, attachment and send notifications. A crontab is running every minute to get new emails and inject them into Redmine.
Moreover, if you have any trouble, the developer Kirill is nice and helpful!


  • hi, Im also setting up the redmine and the helpdesk plugin but cant get the crontab to work to get emails automatically. Manually works like a charm but I dont want to do that. Do you have any ideas to get that up and running? Thanks,

  • Hey Margnus, what’s the line you’ve put in the crontab?

  • We currently use this where I work. We issue roughly 400 tickets per day and run a multitude of updates as well. The redmine helpdesk is amazing! The only downside is that development has seemed to slow down significantly, I’m guessing the developer has a day job where he’s quite busy. Hopefully we’ll see some 2.0 updates and the availability of some of the more requested features soon. Don’t let that keep you from buying it though, it’s really streamlined our helpdesk processes.

  • Just released first beta of CRM plugin with Redmine 2.1 support http://redminecrm.com/projects/contacts-plugin/products

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